Evening Counseling Program

We are excited to provide a new service to our community called the Evening Counseling Program whereby a first-time juvenile offender and his/her legal guardian receive counseling as a family to understand the how the offender’s choices have lead him/her into the juvenile justice system. The program was originally administered by the Honolulu Police Department but in the summer of 2008, SWCC along with another social service agency Hale Kipa, were asked to take over the program and provision of services. This mandated program provides a “second chance” to first-time juvenile offenders to learn from their mistakes and avoid illegal behaviors in the future. The program actually becomes an “only chance” for first-time offenders in that if they become involved in the juvenile justice system again, they will suffer the full consequences of the law.

For more information about the program, please contact Tammy Nakamatsu at 847-1535.