Home Based Parenting Program

This program provides a “best practice” parenting course that includes the availability of family counseling. The counseling is provided by a team consisting of a case manager and a Master’s level counselor. A distinguishing feature of the program is that it is delivered primarily in the homes of participants or at a place of their choice. The course is delivered on CD or videotape and covers topics such as communications, problem solving skills, chores and homework responsibilities, step-parent issues and single-parent issues. The entire course is approximately three hours long. 

This year, through an agreement with the City Department of Community Services, SWCC staff will also be providing a parenting skills program to young parents. Topics to be covered will include basic handling of a newborn, changing diapers, physical and emotional development of infants and toddlers, feeding and nutrition, toilet training and vaccination/immunizations.

For more information about the program, please call Tammy Nakamatsu at 847-1535.