Project Ho’omohala (PH)

Transition to adulthood is a critical period in the development of young people that spans a wide age range from the mid-teens thru the mid-20’s and beyond. Some young people experience challenges early on that can compromise their potential to thrive in adulthood. For young people with severe emotional and behavioral challenges, this period can be overwhelming, particularly for those who are being served by the mental health, special education, foster care or juvenile justice systems.

At Project Ho’omohala we understand the challenges and issues that young people face as they move toward adulthood. Transition can be a period of growth and accomplishment, especially when young people have the resources and supports they need to navigate their transition to independence. While focused on serving young people with serious emotional and behavioral challenges, Project Ho’omohala addresses other challenges of adulthood such as access to education, employment, housing and experiences that provide a foundation for learning life skills. We support young people as they build their lives by providing individualized transition services, peer support and mentoring, and family or caregiver support.

Project Ho’omahala is funded under the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program. All services provided are voluntary and free of charge.

For more information about Project Ho’omohala, please contact Carol Imanaka at 847-1535.