Truancy Programs

This program aims to make contact with truanting youth and those at risk of truanting at the earliest possible opportunity and provide a wide range of services to the youths and families to prevent or stop such behavior. The target group for this program is middle school age students since this age group is especially susceptible to engaging in truanting behaviors. Preventative measures are critical at this point. This program is a collaborative effort between PACT, Kalakaua Middle School, Dole Middle School and Susannah Wesley Community Center.

Through this program, a case manager from SWCC is assigned to Kalakaua Middle School and a case manager from PACT is assigned to Dole Middle School. These individuals have developed and staffed an on-site truancy center where prevention and intervention services are delivered to at-risk youths and families. The schools have provided space where these services are delivered. Other services available through PACT and SWCC are brought to bear on individual cases as needed.

For more information about the program, please call Jann Cabacungan at 847-1535.