Susannah Wesley Community Center

A beacon of hope where individuals and families celebrate their self-worth and embrace opportunities for achieving their dreams.

Make a difference - donateThe Susannah Wesley Community Center (SWCC) is a non-profit agency nestled in the heart of the Kalihi-Palama community. We are a comprehensive social services organization dedicated to helping and empowering youths, adults and families (many of whom are newcomers to Hawaii) who have great social and economic challenges, move towards self-sufficiency and independence.

For over 115+ years, the Susannah Wesley Community Center has been effectively addressing the unique challenges facing new immigrants who call Kalihi-Palama home. Our mission has been and will continue to be to help people who have the greatest of needs to survive, thrive and become contributing members of our community – even if they speak another language and face daunting cultural differences.

Susannah Wesley Community Center continues to maintain its high quality social services and programs to meet the youth, families and adults of Kalihi-Palama who struggle with great needs. We continue to be good neighbors to all who may be lost, hungry or hurting, by providing a sense of belonging in a community based on aloha and respect.